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IV Property Management delivers vital and supportive management services to the residential and mixed-use property market across the UK.


IVPM’s management solutions are specifically tailored to Residential Management Companies (RMC), Right to Manage (RTM), developers, housebuilders, corporate and individual investors and freeholders, who are looking for exemplary management services.

IVPM delivers innovative and authentic property-management solutions to small buildings as well as large, complex mixed-use developments employing onsite staff. Our bespoke approach gives us the ability to ensure each client has a management experience that is simple, effective and seamless.

IVPM sustains, builds and adds real value to its management portfolio by the service it delivers. We proactively seek to support and manage every aspect of a development or portfolio on behalf of our client: from the day-to-day management to long-term cyclical maintenance. Our service is our reputation.

Every client benefits from the service delivered by our employees. But, surely, is this not a given? As with all businesses, a company is only as good as the quality of staff it employs. The strength of a company’s processes, the size of each property manager’s portfolio or the array of services provided matter little unless these are coupled with quality staff that demonstrate experience, energy and an unfaltering sense of service.

IV Management is a managing agent every client can trust to make their life easier through how we provide information that is transparent, cost-efficient and clearly states our service requirements and intentions.

Block Management

With over 4.1 million leasehold properties in the UK, there is more need than ever for residents to understand the obligations of being part of a Resident Management Company

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Asset Management

Leaving properties vacant for any length of time, whether you’re overseas or away from your property, we can assist by ensuring your property is secure, clean and your utilities are working for your next occupation.

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We deliver innovative and authentic property management solutions for small buildings through to large, complex developments employing onsite staff, with our extensive experience to make the process simpler.

IV Property Management

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